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The Total Face

No shortcuts, no gimmicks, Total Face Rejuvenation

Have you ever looked into the mirror and used your hands to lift your face? Just a little tug, a little nip, a little tuck, that’s all it would take to smooth those jowls, tighten that neck, remove that extra skin. It seems so simple. Maybe just a quick little facelift-type procedure is all it would take to bring back those years. Even though it took decades to get where we are today, it can’t take much more than an hour for a little procedure to reverse the hands of time. Can it?

Giving yourself a facelift by pulling on your face in the mirror is simple, but is looking younger as simple as a quick procedure to tighten your face? Is this really how you looked when you were younger?

If we study pictures of ourselves when we were younger, our faces were not tight and pulled. While we did have a smooth jawline and neckline, we were not tight throughout our face.  Instead, our faces had the fullness of youth, especially in the mid-face and cheek areas. But not only did we have a smooth jawline and neck and facial volume in the right places, we also had the even skin texture so defining of the young face.  Just pulling our faces tighter, whether with our hands or through a facelift-type of procedure, can’t possibly restore all of our youthful features. Instead, in many cases these variations of facelift surgery can leave a partially rejuvenated look, or worse, in some cases, a very operated appearance

Nationally Syndicated Show "The Doctors" Features The Total Face Rejuvenation 

Dr. Achih H. Chen and his patient were featured on "The Doctors" to reveal her impressive transformation following the Total Face Rejuvenation procedure.  


Total Face Rejuvenation - Not Just Tightening or Lifting, Reversing Signs of the Actual Facial Aging Process

Instead of being designed to be a quick lift and tightening procedure, The Total Face was developed to completely and dramatically reduce the major signs of facial aging for a natural and more youthful face.  In comparing thousands of young faces with aged faces, it became very obvious that three main problems affect the aging face.  The jawline and the neck sag resulting   in jowls and a waddle; the middle portion of the face, often called the cheeks or mid-face, loses volume or deflates similar to a balloon losing air; and the smooth skin texture of youth changes to become irregular and cobblestone-like. Although a lifting or tightening procedure is often used to address many parts of the face, in order to produce a more natural, unoperated  youthful appearance,  they should only be used to address the sagging of the jawline and neck to avoid a tight or wind-swept appearance. As a result, the Total Face was developed to address the three telltale problems of the aging face. The Total Lift, the Total VolumeLift and the Total LaserSmooth address the three classic problems that distinguish the older-appearing face.  Together, they make up the Total Face, a procedure developed by Dr. Achih H. Chen and his team of surgeons at Georgia Regents University and Duke University,  combining decades of surgeon experience with research prestigiously chosen to be presented at the 2014 Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. The Total Face meticulously restores your youthful jawline and neckline, restores your youthful skin texture, and restores the lost youthful volume of your cheek and mid-face to give you a Total Face rejuvenation to help you look as young as your feel!